COSI Group unveils new international Brand: NUMA

  • NUMA’s vision: Bring Some Soul to Travel
  • New brand’s visual identity puts people and emotion at the forefront
  • Brand strategy developed together with KOTO, London

Berlin / Madrid, July 6, 2021
 – COSI Group, Germany's leading provider of short-term rentals using smart technology and driver of the new asset class Commercial Living, is giving its organization a new name. Effective immediately, the Group's new international corporate brand is NUMA ( NUMA's brand strategy was developed alongside KOTO, London who convinced with their work for Airbnb, Uber, and Nike.

The symbol and trademark of NUMA is the new logo. It is modern, clear, and concise. Reduced to its essential components, it can be used flexibly and is excellently recognizable in digital as well as traditional media.

The new brand language has evolved from how COSI has presented itself so far - it will be bolder and more colourful representing the industry maverick NUMA is. NUMA's new communication is based on four leading principles: "Undeniably personal", "Unquestionably confident", "Unusually simple" and "Unlike other stars". People and emotions come even more to the forefront. The feeling of comfort, convenience, and delight of design are in focus. In the future, the center will be depicting authentic situations in which guests simply feel good and find themselves.

Inga Svinhufvud Laudiero, Chief Creative Officer co-founder of NUMA Group, explains: “Under the guiding principle 'Bring Some Soul to Travel' we have created a new overall brand experience with NUMA on all channels and across all touchpoints. In a world of buttoned-up, faceless hotels, we’re building a new way. We’re replacing the unnecessary fuss with simplicity and delight. Stirring technology and taste together in the world’s greatest neighborhoods, we create stays that are unashamedly original, and that match how people feel when they travel.” 

With the new international brand, the NUMA Group moves ahead on its growth trajectory. The company focuses on hotel and commercial properties in central locations in major European cities. NUMA targets lively neighbourhoods and main demand drivers, building a new way of hospitality matching how people today travel. With demand, drivers not only being tourism and business but rather catering to an extension of our guests daily life; designing locations where guests can stay for longer. For example, outside Germany and Austria, NUMA has already secured properties in Madrid's "Plaza de las Cortes" and Barcelona's iconic Eixample district. Further international projects across several major destinations are already in advanced negotiations.

NUMA offers landlords the security of having a professional operator with a strong track record and a sustainable business model backed by reputable investors. By leveraging on its innovative technology solutions, NUMA reduces operational costs and delivers a superior guest experience – stays with soul.

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About NUMA Group 

NUMA Group is Germany's leading technology provider in the short-term rental sector and driver of the new asset class Commercial Living. NUMA combined the comfort of a home with the standards of a hotel.

NUMA develops new technology solutions for the real estate industry, focusing on hotels and apartment rentals. NUMA automates operational processes by up to 80 percent, enabling hotel operators to save up to 60 percent through restructuring. In addition, NUMA can drive up to 40 percent in additional topline revenue. In 2020, NUMA achieved 90 percent booking occupancy even during Corona-related lockdown.

In March 2021, NUMA raised 20 million EUR in fresh growth capital to also accelerate its international expansion. NUMA is backed by SORAVIA, the leading real estate group in the German-speaking countries, the technology funds e.Ventures and Cherry Ventures, representing renowned German family offices such as Otto and Miele – and more than 30 successful technology entrepreneurs.

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